Hi, I'm Pat Deegan.

I created the CommonGround Program to support people's recovery and help peers and providers re-ignite their passion for the work they've been called to do.

The CommonGround Program is a collection of tools supporting recovery and healing after a diagnosis of mental illness.

We provide solutions for people in recovery, peer supporters, MH professionals and organizations.



Transform hearts, minds and services with the Hearing Distressing Voices Simulation or the full CommonGround Software.

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Over a dozen studies have demonstrated the Hearing Distressing Voices Simulation increases empathy. The Simulation is used throughout the world by mental health professionals, first responders, medical students and more.



Research shows the CommonGround Software helps increase engagement and activation, reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations, increase medication adherence and improve satisfaction with care.


People can recover, and your staff can be a key to their success. Gain in-depth expertise with Certified Personal Medicine Coaching, or advanced skill sets with Academy.

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Harness the power of Personal Medicine to support people in their own recovery. Through a combination of e-learning, live webinar coaching and in-vivo practice, you will become a Certified Personal Medicine Coach.


Academy + Library

Transfer learning into action. Academy's e-learning courses and real-world practice help staff get the most out of Library while learning how to effectively deliver recovery-oriented care.


Get hands on tools with our work-book style Guides, free poster & papers and movies.



Whether someone is experiencing distressing voices, trouble sleeping, flashbacks, depression, anxiety or other challenges, CommonGround Guides put recovery tools directly into the hands of the people who need them.

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Posters and Papers

Need a little dose of inspiration? My posters and papers offer inspiration for hope and recovery. These ready-to-print posters and papers are FREE to download. 

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Personal Medicine Cards

Personal Medicine Cards offer new strategies to help expand your Personal Medicine in many areas of your recovery and life. These Cards are available in English and Spanish and are FREE to download.

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My COVID-19 Safety Plan

Restrictions during the pandemic are easing, and most of us are transitioning back into the community. It’s exciting to think about getting out again but it’s also a bit scary. The virus is still out there, and if you are like me, you want to avoid catching it. We’ve created a worksheet to help all of us develop a unique, My COVID-19 Safety Plan.
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Inside Outside: Building a meaningful life after the hospital 

This work of hope captures the story of how eight individuals made the transition from psychiatric hospitals and/or nursing homes to successful community living.

Please note this product is a digital download. Upon purchasing, you will receive an email notification to set up your account and access the digital file for viewing or download. 
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The Politics of Memory

To be an effective leader, we must know our history. History is a story, but who gets to tell the story and who is silenced? This is the “politics of memory”.

Please note this product is a digital download. Upon purchasing, you will receive an email notification to set up your account and access the digital file for viewing or download.

We don't have customers. We have partners in recovery.

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