Abbey Dodds

PIR Support Facilitator

Toowoomba Clubhouse

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I started working in salons at 13 years old, I share this as Hairdressing and beauty therapy taught me a lot about people and relating to them and gave me a passion and drive to enter the community service sector. Working in the beauty/Hairdressing field was more about helping people feel better about themselves than it was image for me. I got tired of not being able to assist people to make long term changes, I was no longer passionate about the temporary change I could help them with.

I am coming up to five years working at Toowoomba Clubhouse. I have been working in the community sector for 9 years now after a long career in hairdressing. I am my happiest and most for-filled in life when I can walk along side somebody, supporting or helping them discover some joy or whatever is important to them in there life. I am really enjoying Learning about Personal Medicine and coaching as it really gives a different take on supporting others and my own tools for self care.

I became a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, so I can have the tools to become fantastic at supporting others to navigate and discover there own answers and ideas for what they want or need in there life and how they will get there and manage it.

It is always the person I am supporting's story to tell and create not mine and these tools I learned will ensure I do not fall into the trap of my own ideas thoughts being made theirs.


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