Alison Hilton

Recovery Services Lead

Fusion Australia

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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This is me and one of my daughters at the end of a class on how to make flower crowns. Doing something creative and spending time with my family are both activities that helps me to feel connected and calm.

My career journey started with bible college training in the early 90’s when I completed a Diploma in Theology. From there, I worked with my husband as church youth workers and I have since journeyed through motherhood, business and retail experience, including managing a bookshop and working for an optometrist before finding my place with Fusion Australia as the Recovery Services Lead in Geraldton WA. I am passionate about people being able to become the best they can be no matter the circumstances and am especially interested in creating spaces where people can have the freedom to make choices and engage with their own recovery or faith/belief journey.

I became a CPMC to help me to continue to live well and to give me the skills to walk alongside people as they discover what works for them so they can live well no matter what is happening. I love the idea of being invited to join the conspiracy of hope that says that people have an inner wisdom and power to choose. I am also tired of hearing mental health professionals pay lip service to person centred recovery and just wanting to add another pill to control behaviour and distress. There has to be a better and different way and I want to be part of this.


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