Amalia E Morrissey

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist


Community Outreach Specialist

CPMC - Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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Hi, everybody! My name is Amalia Morrissey and I am a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.  My current job title in the Recovery Services department of the MPNN CSB is Community Outreach Specialist and I am extremely excited to be a member of our Post-Overdose Response Team. 

I am a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder and helping others is a HUGE part of my own personal medicine so I am blessed to be able to do that in my professional life.

My recovery journey has been extremely messy and non-linear.  I was told, "If you follow these rules and work these steps, you will never use again."  That wasn't true for me. I relapsed after many years and felt extremely defective because of that.  The ensuing guilt and shame kept me from self-love and forgiveness. Today I know that my recovery depends on figuring out my own personal medicine.  I am looking forward to this class not only to learn more about personal medicine but to learn how to guide others toward finding their own personal medicine.


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