Angelica Grant

Senior Peer Support Specialist

Baltic Street AEH, Inc.

 CPMC - Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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Hi everyone! My name is Angelica and I am an avid novelist, journaler, and yoga enthusiast. I have been working for almost the past two years as a certified peer support specialist and was previously working as a youth advocate and substitute teacher.

I have a passion for learning and helping people which was how I came across Pat Deegan’s work at an online seminar. Dr. Deegan and her associates presented the topic of Personal Medicine in such a way that I knew there was something unique and amazing about the idea of coaching people towards finding ways to help themselves overcome mental health challenges. Because of the obstacles facing people who I work with, I chose to become a Certified Personal Medicine Coach because I thought it would benefit my participants and encourage them to think about what they can do in order to get well and stay well in addition to taking psychiatric medication.

I believe that there is power in disrupting the maintenance model by finding a better way to help people realize their potential in supporting their recovery. I look forward to sharing Personal Medicine with participants in groups and individually, with family members and friends, and as much as I am possibly able to!


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