Angy El-Sayed, MSc

Senior Peer Coach; Choice & Control Peer Coaching Service

Camden & Islington NHS Trust

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

An individual with lived-experience of neurodiversity, and Mental & Physical health adversity, with a pro-active yet gentle approach to personal recovery which include introspection, self-compassion and self-care (Personal Medicine). Personal Medicine appeals to me as it reinforces my ways of working and underpins my own beliefs of wellbeing & Health. I have a background in befriending, advocacy, delivering wellbeing workshops, providing listening support to suicidal people, and currently a Senior Peer coach/Lived-experience practitioner with the NHS. As I work alongside individuals who struggle with both physical and mental health issues, I endeavour to approach my coaching work collaboratively and empathetically. Fortunately, by working this way, many of my peers have managed to achieve their desired goals, improve their self- esteem and resilience, and regain that sense of control of their own health and wellbeing practice. I am fluent in Arabic & English and have an educational background in Psychology.


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