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I am Anita, and I am working to become a Peer Supporter. I am a user of a Center of Mental Health in Mantova (in Italian it's called CPS: Centro Psico Sociale).

I have discovered the story of Pat two years ago: our CPS is working on a Recovery project, and I have been involved as a user to take part in it, in particular, I am in the "Co-Lab" working group, which is focused on co-design and co-production. For me it is such a "revolution" to work in a peer mode: therapists, educators, psychiatrists, social workers and users all at the same level, all learning something from each other.

I became a Certified Personal Medicine Couch because I would love to share with others that Mental Health is just essential for our total Health, and it has to be a right for everyone (not only for people who have received a diagnosis of illness). I think that there is a deep need to talk about it in a positive and beautiful way.

I would like also to help others catching even just a bit of their uniqueness and transform it into a special resource to live with.


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