Anita M. Correnti

San Antonio District Director

Prosumers International

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I’m Anita M. Correnti. Former English and Spanish teacher, paralegal, peer support specialist. Then I retired, traveled, remarried. I'm now San Antonio District Director of Prosumers International, and loving it.

Years ago, after a 6-month period when I experienced a divorce, custody battle, injuries from a car wreck, and a cancer diagnosis, I was told I was “clinically depressed,” that the depression would worsen as I got older, the depressive episodes would occur closer together and become more severe. (I say now that if I didn’t get depressed, there really would have been something wrong with me!) But I bought into it and lived my life as though that were the truth. I took antidepressants over 20 years. I worked with my doctor to gradually stop taking them. After I did, I experienced joy for the first time in years. I didn’t realize that the drug kept me from joy as well as the abysmal lows.

Through various people and programs, most notably Prosumers, I learned that what I was told was not the truth for me. I also learned that others were told much the same story, and that their lives would be changed for the worse because of it. I learned I have a say in how I live, that recovery is not only possible but should be expected, that I have lots of choices that can lead me to healing. I can truly say that now my life is fuller, more meaningful, more joyful than ever.

The reason I became a CPMC is to let others know that diagnoses don’t define them, that they can live a life they choose, and also be happy and joyful despite a diagnosis. Nobody should have to wait that long!


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