Anteneh Gultneh


Fairfax Falls Church CSB (Emergency Services Department)

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I was born and raised in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. When I turned 16, I moved to Los Angeles, California. I graduated from High School in 1997 and received my Associate Degree around the year 2002. While working on my bachelor's at the California State Fullerton University, I had my first mental health challenge crisis in December of 2003. I moved to Alexandria, VA in February 2004 and become a client of Alexandria CSB. In November of 2016, I became a client of Fairfax Falls church CSB and learned about Certified Recovery Support Specialist. I took the CPRS training in September of 2017 and I have been working for Fairfax Falls Church CSB (Emergency Services Department) since October of 2017. Since 2017, I have received many training and certifications.


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