Ashley Fitzkee, PRS, CPMC

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS)

Young People in Recovery Chapter Lead Coordinator

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For me, recovery means calling my power back. Through becoming a Certified Personal Medicine Coach I have realized I fell in love with Personal Medicine long before I ever really knew it had a name. It is my goal in life to empower others to find their healer within. I deeply trust that the power has, and always will be, within all of us. As someone who has struggled with many mental health challenges including Panic Disorder and Depression from a young age, I have learned that it truly is the "little" things that make the biggest impact on my well-being and mental space.

When it comes to also recovering from Substance Use Disorder I really feel that it is the things I do day to day that keep me on the path I need to be on. I believe that we are so much more than what we struggle with, we are the things that fill our soul. Self-Care has always been such a huge passion of mine turning Self-Care into Personal Medicine gives you the power to live a self-directed life. Spreading the word of Personal Medicine as a beautiful approach to Recovery of all sorts is very important to me.


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