Asia Winslow Gray, MSW

Statewide Trainer, Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment


Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainer 

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

Email Phone: 541-450-5483

I was truly empowered when I learned about personal medicine. I have worked as a mental health clinician, and supervisor for residential and community based programs. What made me good at those roles was my ability to connect with others as a human, with my own challenges and struggles, and as an equal. Personal Medicine Coaching provides a platform where connecting with others in our shared humanity is a primary goal, and then discovering together ones inner healer. Connection and relationship is where growth and healing happens. Personal Medicine is a paradigm shift and has the ability to be transformative for individuals, but also for the whole mental health system. I became a CPMC because I want to be part of changing things for the better


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