Begonya Ward-Grasa

Peer Support and Recovery Coach

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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My name is Begonya Ward and I identify myself as a service user. I am a person with lived experience as a family member. My passion is to find ways to advance the system towards recovery, to advocate against stigma, promoting understanding, communication and education. When my family fell into this experience, I felt ill prepared to support my son. I felt unsupported in my attempts to navigate the system and found it difficult to have my voice heard. I was not part of the decision making, nor was I given choices. When I realized the system was flawed, I educated myself for change. I took part in Curtin’s Lived Experience Educator Course in 2020. I work in the disabilities sector and I am in the process of creating my own company working with disabilities and as a psychosocial recovery coach. I believe in using our own power to stay well. The whole community has a role to play, not just to empower and support people in distress, the vulnerable and those in need, but to create the paths and opportunities for them to help themselves. We can do this by creating policies and services that best serve people’s needs and recovery, focusing on solutions, not interests. I believe we are more than our diagnosis, what we do can have a profound effect in our recovery.


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