Birgit Thillerup

Occupational Therapist

Teaching in Turning Points (recovery)

LAP Copenhagen Recovery Mentor

Region Hovedstadens Psyciatry 

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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When I discovered Personal Medicine I knew it was just right for me. To look inside of yourself is probably the most powerful tool to have. I am not the problem; I am part of the solution. I love when I can get a card or a book in hand to help me learn something new about myself and help others in the same situation, with their challenges. I have always been interested in people and their well-being. First as an occupational therapist at various hospitals in Denmark with physical training.

I became mentally ill in early 2010, with PTSD. Without hope. I had to fight my way back to a life that I thought made sense, not quite with the established system in my back. I luckily found a Recovery course that was inspired by Pat Deegan ("Vendepunkter", Turning points). Here I could work within myself and what I want to get out of my life. This was the start of my recovery, not just staying alive.

I became a teacher to facilitate others in the same situation as me. Here I really find my purpose in life, to guide and coach, not to come with the solution. AND then I discovered CPMC, a powerful tool to find your inner wisdom. I could see that it was just what I needed, both for myself and for the people I work with. I now have an enormous amount of knowledge about how I can help people move forward in their lives when they face challenges. I love working with people and seeing their potential to grow from within themselves.


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