CommonGround Works!

commonground software May 25, 2013

CommonGround is a fairly sophisticated web application.  Sometimes mental health programs worry that people with diagnoses of severe emotional distress or with low literacy will not be able to use the program.  Here is wonderful email that we just received from Wilma Anderson who is an employment specialist with an ACT team in Escondido, California.  Her team has been using CommonGround for a few months now.  Having seen how the program engages and activates people, she has been "converted". 

Our clients are responding so well. Some of our clients during the updates of their Personal Medicine and Power Statements posed questions. I immediately went to the library and gave them access to   information which surprised them and was easy to understand and on target. One  client was discussing  weight loss and the  New for the Week was right on target.  I printed out the  colorful Portion Control sample, it opened up further discussion.   Some of the clients even had a glimmer in their eyes as we clicked and  learned more about CommonGround.

Please tell Pat that when I discuss her  the clients appear to lift  up their shoulders and show  pride.  Also, viewing the  videos about real people is having an impact on the clients. I see hope, positivity and pride in some of the clients who were struggling with stigma from having a mental health diagnosis.

Hey, I’ve been converted.

Knowing that the CommonGround web application is helping people keeps us pumped up and passionate here at team PDA.  

Thanks Wilma!