Burnic Sprouse, CPRS, CPMC

Director of Eco Flats RVA True Recovery

Eco Flats RVA True Recovery

RVA Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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In 2015, I decided I wanted more for my life. I am a person in long term recovery from Substance Abuse Disorder. I have chosen to become an advocate and peer for people who suffer with substance abuse as well as mental health issues. I am a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Medicine Coach. It was one morning I was in class and I came across Personal Medicine Coaching and I was amazed. I just knew this would be something I could take back to the RCO I work for and further help the peers I serve.

Personal Medicine taught me we all have that healer within and that we just have to find our own Personal Medicine within ourselves to help us cope with life's obstacles. I use Personal Medicine in my own life daily. It is what helps me find the courage and strength to push through each day to help those I can. My goal is to at the very least help one person with their recovery and finding Personal Medicine and that will suffice for me. Of course, I want to help more than one but if I only help one then I did my part.


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