Caitlin Wileman, MA

Forensic Mental Health Counselor

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

My name is Caitlin Wileman and I am currently working as a Forensic Mental Health Counselor at a short term community based residential rehabilitation program with Step By Step Inc. I have a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and had the privilege of studying at their Washington D.C. campus where I graduated in 2014. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and understanding of 'self' so when I heard about this course I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to learn more about my own personal medicine and how I can guide others to find theirs. 

I'm thrilled to be a Certified Personal Medicine Coach because I believe it is something everyone needs in their lives as it empowers us all to look inside ourselves to find our inner happiness and balance. It recognizes that we are all different and expands on the generic coping skills that so many may turn to.

I am eager to help others find what makes them shine .

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