Carla Heath, R-CPRS

Region 4 Peer Recovery Specialist Coordinator

Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC)

CPMC Trainer (CPMC-T)

My name is Carla Heath. I am a R-CPRS. I currently work as a Region 4 Peer Recovery Specialist Coordinator in Richmond, Virginia.  

I have been doing peer work since 2007 in various capacities. I was a cofounder and Executive Director of a peer run center and have worked in the behavior health system at several different Community Services Boards. I currently work with seven different CSB's peer recovery specialist in a regional position.

I like, Pat, wish this was available in my early recovery. I feel any chance to empower people to explore their own personal medicine and take charge of their own recovery, in what can often be a disempowering system, is a gain.

I am looking forward to being a disruptive innovator. That is the beginning of the change I am hoping to make.

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