Carolina Molina

Peer Policy Fellow

Prosumers International

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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Hello! My name is Carolina Molina and I have an Associates Degree in Psychology and still working on my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I was working for a Local Mental Health Authority here in the Rio Grande Valley as Adult Peer Provider for about 6 1/2 years. But currently, I am working for Prosumers International in the San Antonio are as the Peer Policy Fellow.

The best way to reach me is on slack, or by text at (956) 867-1815 or at [email protected]

As I mentioned above, I have worked as a Peer Provider but also experience in working for The Peer Re-Entry and Substance Abuse Departments. I currently live in RGV but will be moving to San Antonio by the end of August, which I am super excited and very much looking forward to it.

First of all, I was voluntold to take this training but once I read and learned more about this training, I learned that I would want to gain as much knowledge as possible to be able to provide and help my community to learn on other ways to be able to heal themselves rather with just medication.


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