Charity Kyampeire, BA, PRS, CADR, CPMC

Program Coordinator

Peer Recovery Specialist

Certified in Alternative Conflict Resolution

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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My name is Charity Kyampeire I have lived in northern VA Fairfax for 13 years with my husband and 2 adorable beings.

I am a happy smiley face most of my time and try to see the glass always half full, I try to share that with friends and family whenever I get a chance :)

I love animals, cooking, gardening, jewelry making, reading (when I have time), swimming and when I can... I dance like there is no tomorrow!

I have a BA in Tourism, I am Certified in Alternative Conflict Resolution and am a Peer Recovery Specialist.

I have had a chance to work with the Court House and seen Mental health effects on families first hand and I follow a Program in Uganda that tries to help women in recovery (PTSD from Domestic violence). Thanks for my own recovery journey, I know we all can recover!

I have been with Recovery Programs of Northern VA since 2018 first as a Data Specialist before I became the Program Coordinator for one of centers we serve. RPSV serves five centers in VA.

I am grateful to be learning with you all ! wonderful to meet you :)


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