Cheryl Sherman, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Wyoming State Hospital

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I'm working at the place where I was a patient for 5 years. Sometimes it's hard because patients and staff are watching me, but I keep on. I live with my dog, Daisy. I hope to start school in the fall, where I will get my Master in Divinity. Hopefully in a few months I will start working with our Chaplain.

Having looked at CommonGround, I am feeling that it offers me the opportunity to help patients with learning about their diagnosis and how to get better which I believe is a spiritual calling.

We have a criminal justice hall and when I found out that there was information to help felons get their vote back, I was hooked on Pat's program. 

I'm also available to meet with folks via Zoom. I look forward to coaching you soon.


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