Christina Maulsby

Family Peer Support Specialist

MercyOne Hospital

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My name Christina Maulsby. I live in a small rural community located in Iowa. I work for MercyOne Hospital in the Behavioral Health unit.

My journey started in 2010 after a traumatic brain injury forever changed the life of my 5 month son, Quentin. Quentin was a victim of child abuse and shaken baby syndrome by the hands of a daycare provider. Quentin began to show signs of autism when he was 2 years old and remains non verbal today due to his brain injury. My second son Urijah was diagnosed with autism just before his second birthday.

My advocacy began as I sought out resources in our rural community with limited services. I was instrumental in the opening of the Children’s Autism Center in 2013 in Clear Lake, IA.

Since this time I have devoted my life to caring for my sons, supporting other children and families and fighting for the addition of support services and therapies in the North Iowa healthcare community.

In 2017, motherhood again took a different path when my youngest son Urijah became extremely aggressive towards others and started exhibiting Self-Injurious Behaviors (SIB) up to 400 times a day. (SIB can include; head-banging, hitting, hand-biting or scratching up to and including the actual drawing of blood.) After two failed inpatient stays and one failed intensive outpatient treatment; the most, unimaginable and painful decision had to be made. Urijah was placed in a prestigious institute 3 hours by plane from our home, where he would remain in an intensive inpatient unit for five months. An overwhelming decision that was experienced with both gratitude and deep sadness.

I have also made it my mission to be a voice. A purpose to raise awareness about autism, aggression & self-injury; create acceptance, advocate for the underserved and promote action. Speaking for others who simply can’t. “Being an advocate mother isn’t easy, there are days when it’s hard to keep going but you must.

Even though my dream of motherhood is much different than I had originally planned "The dream is not dead…it’s just different!”

Working as a Family Peer Support Specialist within the social services team; I am grateful I am able to use my past personal experiences to help guide families through the hard challenges of life.

I became a Certified Personal Medicine Coach because I believe in the holistic approach; treating the whole person, mind, body, and soul.


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