Training is over-rated.

The transfer of learning from training to practice is sub-par. We don't train. We Coach.

"I’ve attended many trainings and classes over the years, but I’ve never participated in a program where I learned so many things I was able to put into practice immediately. This has been such a great experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone working in a Peer Support role."

Peer Supporter

"I am so grateful to have this arsenal of tools to use. Academy opened my eyes to the challenges our clients live with every day. It helped me to have greater insight into what it must be like for them, and gave me a practical way to help them."

Wellness Nurse

"It was like being taught by a brilliant explorer, like Lewis and Clark, who has gone into a territory that we do not know and comes back able to clearly communicate new understanding to us with wonderful maps, detailed explanations, and ideas about how to move forward."


"It was helpful to see all the different ways that we support a person's recovery [from] where they are at, as opposed to where we want them to be."

MH Professional

Academy + Coaching

Training done different. Academy + Coaching in the CommonGround Program includes self-paced E-Learning and live video coaching with CommonGround experts, combined with real-world practice and personalized feedback.


  • Take one course at a time
  • Mix and match courses
  • Follow our pre-designed course combinations
  • In-person or via webinar
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  • Inpatient and Outpatient services
  • ACT and FEP teams
  • Integrated behavioral healthcare
  • Peer Support programs
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Course Listing

CORE-100: Recovery

The challenge: How do we move from the maintenance model to the recovery model?

Our solution: Wisdom from the lived experience of recovery and learning to apply the principles of the CommonGround Program

CORE-100: Communicating hope for recovery*

The challenge: How do we communicate hope when a prognosis of doom can be more disabling than a diagnosis itself?

Our solution: Fostering hope for a full and meaningful life using a two-part method for communicating hope through disclosure

ADV-101: Coming to terms with a diagnosis

The challenge: How do we support people when a diagnosis can disrupt the story of self?

Our solution: Understanding the individual’s perspective and learning how to support people when a diagnosis disrupts the story of self

* course designed specifically for peer supporters
CORE-200: Personal Medicine

The challenge: How do we engage people in treatment and recovery?

Our solution: Activating self-care and awakening the healer within through Personal Medicine

CORE-300: Power Statements

The challenge: How do we move beyond compliance to alliance?

Our solution: Understanding how people want treatment to help and developing Power Statements

CORE-400: Decision support

The challenge: How do we support people in navigating the decisions they face in treatment and recovery?

Our solution: Explore options, beliefs, lived experience and information to support clients in making the decisions that are right for them

CORE-500: Supporting self-determination

The challenge: How do we work with people who appear to be making choices that steer their lives away from recovery?

Our solution: Managing risk by embracing self- determination and applying The Duty to Care and the Dignity of Risk

ADV-501: Using medication optimally

The challenge: How can we support people in using medications optimally?

Our solution: Learning to recognize the challenges individuals face when using medications and developing skills to support them

ADV-502: It’s not all in my head

The challenge: How do we help people manage stigma in medical settings?

Our solution: Effective self-advocacy with medical practitioners

ADV-503: Recovery and wellness

The challenge: People with mental health conditions are dying decades younger than the general population. How do we help people get the medical care they need?

Our solution: Support wellness and integrated care by helping individuals build their capacity to follow through with treatment

CORE-600: Practicing the CommonGround Program

The challenge: How do we use the CommonGround Program methods in our day to day work?

Our solution: Practice integration techniques through care consultation examples and practice

ADV-700: Care Consultations

The challenge: How do you apply and further integrate the CommonGround Program?

Our solution: Use coaching and walk-throughs of the CommonGround Program in action through consultation with the experts

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