Training is over-rated.

The transfer of learning from training to practice is sub-par. We don't train. We Coach.

Training done different

Coaching in the CommonGround Program includes E-Learning courses and live consultation with CommonGround experts, combined with real-world practice and personalized feedback.

"I’ve attended many trainings and classes over the years, but I’ve never participated in a program where I learned so many things I was able to put into practice immediately. This has been such a great experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone working in a Peer Support role."

Peer Supporter

"I am so grateful to have this arsenal of tools to use. Coaching opened my eyes to the challenges our clients live with every day. It helped me to have greater insight into what it must be like for them, and gave me a practical way to help them."

Wellness Nurse

"It was like being taught by a brilliant explorer, like Lewis and Clark, who has gone into a territory that we do not know and comes back able to clearly communicate new understanding to us with wonderful maps, detailed explanations, and ideas about how to move forward."


"It was helpful to see all the different ways that we support a person's recovery [from] where they are at, as opposed to where we want them to be."

MH Professional

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