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Deeper meaning and purpose in my work

"One of the things I love about Personal Medicine is how people don't have to spend days or weeks learning or creating systems or plans to feel better; they can begin using Personal Medicine right away. This can help them feel empowered and can help open the door for more personal reflection and self discovery. Being a CPMC also adds a unique value to my role as a peer supporter because it empowers me to be a disruptive innovator in a way that empowers others. This in turn gives a much deeper meaning and purpose to my peer support work."


- John Caldwell, CPMC-T

Unconditional positive regard

"Personal Medicine has innovated my work in terms of being a better listener, supporting the other person in being reflective and feeling empowered to make choices and believe in their own efficacy and self-worth. This has also assisted me in truly becoming less judgmental about certain behaviors and more conditioned to offering unconditional positive regard to the other person."


- Jonathan Edwards, CPMC

Aha moments

"This past year we've had more people in our program of a certain age who have been taught that wellness is up to the professionals. It means everything to me to see that moment when they have realized THEY are the expert, not the doctor. It sparks countless other positive changes when someone realizes they don't have to wait for an expert to tell them what to do."


- Tracy Ciabattoni, CPMC-T

Systems transformation

"It has not only given me new language to talk about the capabilities of people but it has also helped me on my own recovery journey. Being able to use these tools myself also has helped me grow as a coach."


- Keris Myrick, CPMC

Certified Personal Medicine Coaches

A Certified Personal Medicine Coach is an expert in supporting people as they discover and use Personal Medicine in their recovery.

Personal Medicine supports recovery-oriented practice, is evidence-based and has been shown to increase activation which leads to more robust health outcomes. The practice of Personal Medicine meets SAMHSA’s criteria for recovery-based practice and the core competencies of peer support. 

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Upcoming Certification Opportunities

March 2024

Open Enrollment

March 6 - May 15

Video Conference Calls 2:00pm-3:15pm ET

🎉 Registration open 🎉

Certified Personal Medicine Coach | March

$1,250.00 USD

Custom Cohort

Private Enrollment

Dates and times set by you

Cohort size from 8 to 20 candidates. Perfect for certifying multiple people at your program.

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Scholarships & Lottery

For those who can not afford the full price of the course, we host a Lottery for a FREE seat, and offer a limited number of scholarships. 

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Scholarship Application

PDA is happy to offer a limited number of partial scholarships for our Certified Personal Medicine Coach course. 

🎉 Applications are now open for our March 2024 cohort  🎉

Complete the application below to apply. 

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Our next CPMC lottery will be held on February 21, 2024. If you want to throw your hat in for a ✨FREE✨ seat, sign up below. 

CPMC Train the Trainer

Individuals who have been certified as Personal Medicine Coaches are eligible to become Certified Personal Medicine Coach Trainers (CPMC-T).

A CPMC-T is a champion in the power of Personal Medicine to transform lives and to transform mental health systems to a recovery orientation.

CPMC-T's have:
  • The ability to recruit and train their own cohort of new CPMC’s

  • The ability to develop their own pricing model for their trainings

  • Access to PDA’s learning management platform to facilitate the cohort

  • Continued access to PDA staff for ongoing support

Questions about Personal Medicine Certification?

Whether you are an organization or an individual, contact us to hear how Certification can support you.