Daniel Moye

Wellbeing Coach

Toowoomba Clubhouse

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My name is Daniel Moye but most people call me Dan, which is much easier and less formal. Credentials wise, I studied psychology up to 4th year at University before being fortunate enough to find a role in the non-clinical sector of community health. This really opened my eyes to the other side and I began to see an alternate path to mental wellness. I've continued in this space for close to 10 years.

Humour is one of my strongest traits. I enjoy making people laugh, it really helps to make people feel comfortable especially in strange and unusual situations. This lighthearted attitude has served me well in my vocational experiences, whilst still appreciating the gravity of the work we do to support people to change their own lives.

I'm drawn to the CPMC, it's really a natural progression for my professional development. Having diverged from the health professional path to a non-clinical focus, I'm now fortunate to have the next step laid in front of me. As a CPMC, I will ensure that all those around me hear the message that no one should be defined by a diagnosis. We are all unique creatures and have so much to share and learn from each other, far outside the confines of a diagnostic and statistical manual.

I don't live anywhere near the beach, we're about 2 hours away, but I love the ocean. Every year a small group of good friends and I head to the same spot on the same beach for a long weekend of beach camping. This is my Personal Medicine, connecting with nature, being outdoors, having the opportunity to re-focus my perspective and feel the stressors of life diminish as the ocean washes away my worries.


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