Deborah Bailey


Toowoomba Clubhouse

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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Hi everyone! I'm Debbie Bailey. I'm an energetic, inquisitive, work in the "grey" kind of person. I live on a small farm with my husband, my two sons and an array of chickens, alpaca, cattle, horses and dogs.

My previous work has been in NGOs (non-government organisations) and just prior to Toowoomba Clubhouse I worked in State government. I like to think that working at Clubhouse I'm now using my powers for good rather than evil. : )

I've been in the mental health sector for 3 years and have 10+ years of personal experience being around and supporting veterans affected by their service.

You can reach me on my work mobile: 0427 914 640 or my email: [email protected]

My interest in Personal Medicine coaching is to build my own skills and understanding but also so I can advocate more strongly and with greater authority about there being better ways for mental health funding to be directed and used.


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