DiAna Carsola

Wellness Advocate/Engraver/Speaker/Author

Venice Family Clinic Board Member in California

Engrave Mine ~ Workshops 'Grind Out' Pain while 'Engraving' Possibilities

Peer Specialist & Wellness Outreach, Worker for LA Dept. of Mental Health)

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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Swimming helps keep my Happy Meter Ticking! What keeps you going? 

Hi, My name is DiAna and I've been a Wellness Advocate for about three and one have decades. 

First doing Organizational Services for individuals and entrepreneurs a business named Scattered Paper Blues from 1984 to the early 2000's there I learned how important an individual’s space truly is. Then as a Biofeedback Specialist with a private practice approximately 10 years. Part of my story is that during all of this, I've been a Care-Giver about half my life. First Dad 15 years and currently for Mom. I've been an optimist all my days yet, after my Father died something shifted. It was later diagnosed as Depression. What!?! I'd served as the President and Lt. Governor of the Optimist International Organization for Youth and been a member for a decade. Loved life, had a BIG life Producing and Hosting T.V. shows and everything. How could this have happened? 

Well my friends, the Grief and childhood Traumas had simply caught up and shut me down. Wow! 

About 2010 my neighbor Joy that I’d been driving to the Venice Family Clinic for her doctors appointments suggested I ask for some help over there. Well, I’ve made money and certainly they wouldn’t take me in I protested. She said, hey, your body is really hurting and in trouble, just see what they say. 

Long story short… They met me exactly where I was at. Got some head therapy, eased the Lupus and it’s symptoms, caught the cancer early had operations and free of it now. Then went over to LADMH, they also met me where I was at. I was able to TRULY, without shame, address the deep and tender traumas of childhood then day by day rebuild my life and sanity. 

Today, I GREATfully serve at the Venice Family Clinic as a Board Member giving back to a place that helped save my Body and Mind. Also, I Volunteer at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health as an Advocate for those who don’t have their voice yet and as a Facilitator for those ready to move forward in their lives. Most recently I have created an online and/or in-person workshop called Engrave Mine where we learn to Grind Out the pain, shame and trauma and Engrave the Healing, Hope and Possibilities.

Currently, as a Certified Personal Medicine Coach I now get the opportunity to meet you… right Where You Are At. Let’s create a safe space for you to build and create Your own Personal Medicine. Don’t know where this life is headed, but I do know that it’s pretty darn special. Looking forward to being a small part of yours, let me know what you’re up for today. 


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