J. Dillon Harrison

Peer Recovery Specialist

On Our Own, Roanoke Valley

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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Dillon, here.

For me so much of what has helped in my recovery has been those “other things.” Once I realized so much of my life needed to change, and that being a drunk or doing drugs wasn’t a sustainable hobby, I had to find the something else to do, to find purpose, identity and meaning through.

Turns out I have been using forms of “Personal Medicine” for years. Whether it be knit to prevent myself from running out of a group or meeting in a panic attack, to rediscovering my skills for visual arts and exploring new things.

Heck, I have been making puppets right now so as not to scream at people...

Anyway, it has often been a goal for me to help others discover their passions, what brings them joy and gives the a sense of accomplishment.

As a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, I am not only able to better help others grow their skills or find new one, but also have better understanding and effectiveness in my own use of such things.


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