Erin Tucker, CPRS

Executive Director, On Our Own Charlottesville

Executive Director, Uplift Thrift Store

ALWF, TICT, CPRS Trainer, eCPR trainer

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I am the Executive Director of On Our Own, Charlottesville where I have worked for 10 years holding a B.S in Science with a major in Human services Counseling and a Psychology minor. I am a Trauma-Informed Care Trainer and TIC Trainer for Peers through SAMHSA and the National Center for Trauma-Informed Care. I'm also a Certified Advanced Level WRAP facilitator, Advance Directive facilitator, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist trainer, eCPR trainer and a Certified Personal Medicine Coach.

I participate in my community serving on the steering committee for the Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition. I advocate for peer recovery and equity and believes that recovery is possible for all assuming equity and access are present.


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