Fiona McLeod

Tailored Support Coordinator

Mission Australia

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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Fiona McLeod has a varied career background including teaching, community development, disaster recovery and social housing. For the past 5 years she has been working in the area of Hoarding and Squalor. The impact of this misunderstood and socially stigmatized mental illness has driven her passion further for advocacy and increased knowledge. She was facilitator in the Buried in Treasures program, which is a peer support program for being who identify issues with clutter. She is currently working in a pilot program - Tailored Support Coordination Service, with Mission Australia Communities. It is a joint program between Mission Australia Housing and Mission Australia Communities. Becoming a Certified Personal Medicine Coach has increased her knowledge on recovery but also strengthen her core belief about people being the driver of their own recovery, and being assisted with sustainable practices.

Becoming a CPMC has complimented so many of my core beliefs. It has expanded my knowledge and provided some excellent tools to use personally and professionally. I enjoy people, listening to stories, being in awe of the variety of lives lead and astounded by the resilience of so many.


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