Gail Sulser

Community Health Worker, SAC

Los Angeles County, DMH

The reason I became a Personal Medicine Coach is to empower others. Plus; I feel I'm breaking new ground for true happiness, wellness and good health.

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I started as a patient in the mental health system in the 1970's and was inpatient for nearly 3 years. Prescribed 45 pills each day, I was lethargic, catatonic along with 6 point restraints and straight jackets a lot of the time. I was told by a Supreme Court Judge that I would never be fit to live in society. I believed it. 

Today, I work for the Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County as a Community Health Worker.

First and foremost; I was honored to be a part of this training and among superheroes. I believe in peer to peer support and the evidence based practices that support peer's. Since the 1970's, I've come a very long way. But, I didn't do it all alone. Grateful for a higher power and all the provisions to enable me to become the best me. I enjoy helping others toward success and to keep hope that others can realize their own potential.


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