Hannah Mckey


Bridges Health and Community Care

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My name is Hannah and I work for Bridges Health and Community Care based in our Bundaberg office. I have recently joined the organisation at the beginning of the year, and I am currently positioned in an intake role with progression towards working within our Community Based Mental Health program. 

I have a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science which I completed at the end of last year – so I would say I am a fresh newbie. I would go on to say what I do in my spare time however most of that right now has been taken up with designing a house with my partner in the beautiful coastal area of Bargara. However, in saying this I still make the time to head to the gym which I believe to be my Personal Medicine. 

I became a Certified Personal Medicine Coach to expand my knowledge of an alternative way of empowering individuals towards finding their resolution from within.


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