Bypass the head and go straight to the heart.

The Hearing Distressing Voices Simulation is a groundbreaking, empathy-building experience which helps students, mental health professionals and first responders understand the challenges and strengths of people who experience psychosis.

Watch CNN's Anderson Cooper Experience the Simulation
Outcomes: The Hearing Distressing Voices Simulation

The Hearing Distressing Voices Simulation Toolkit

This toolkit contains everything needed to run a Simulation. The digital files include: a Presenter’s Manual, documents for printing, videos of Pat Deegan discussing the experience of Hearing Distressing Voices, and the Voices Soundtrack for use during the Simulation.

*During the Simulation, participants listen to the Voices Soundtrack using headphones and individual players. For your convenience, we also offer the  MP3 players pre-loaded with the Soundtrack below.

Preloaded MP3 Players

Sold in quantities of 10

Premium Preloaded MP3 Players

Sold in quantities of 10

Personal Medicine for Distressing Voices

After staff experience the Simulation, help prepare them with tools to directly support people who hear distressing voices. 

This Guide can be self-directed or staff-supported. It contains:

  • information about the experience of distressing voices
  • workbook style exercises
  • Personal Medicine Cards
  • tracking tools
  • reflection questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you Pat for allowing me to understand what a person goes through on a daily basis. I don't have sympathy. I have empathy.

- Mental Health Professional