Heather Peck, CPRS

Executive Director: Laurie Mitchell Empowerment & Career Center

Certified Personal Medicine Coach (CPMC)

CPMC Trainer (CPMC-T)

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I enjoy post-traumatic thriving after living with psychosis, alcoholism and sugar addiction, thanks to many years of using food as medicine, exercise and gratitude as medicine, loving, cleaning house, and serving others.

I believe everyone has mental health vulnerabilities. We can be excessive in our use of screens, food, work, and many other behaviors or things. The good news is that we have many many more wellness activities to do than we have hours in a day!

Our daily lives present countless ways to connect and move forward to fulfill our highest hopes and dreams for work and love and humanitarian service. Loving and serving the people around us and taking care of the things we have give us good health!

I value the prescriptions: What can I do to suffer less? Seek ways to reduce the suffering of others. What can I do to be happy? Focus on how to support other people's happiness!

I became a Certified Personal Medicine Coach to strengthen my wellness practices and resiliency through life challenges. I want to continue supporting people around me to DO all they can for self-care!


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