Helena Roennfeldt

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My life took me on unexpected paths. During high school, I experienced extreme distress that resulted in involuntary and prolonged psychiatric admission. This experience was formative and twisted my sense of identity, and caused me to re-design my future. After regaining my self and confidence, I studied and began a career in mental health. I am drawn to systemic emancipatory work that focuses on Human Rights, and individual approaches to being with and listening deeply. I have now moved into academic and research roles using lived experience perspectives alongside narrative and creative practices.

Personal Medicine aligns with my values of personal agency and recognises our inherent capacity and wisdom. My heart yearns to connect deeply with my own and other's feelings and needs and to embrace our complex humanity together. I hope to take risks, stretch, and discover more of what is core to my being. I also hope to gain skills to hold space for others, and together explore the essence of what gives us joy and meaning.


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