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Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My name is Jameel Abdulrazaq, 39 years old, father of two daughters. I have been married for 15 years.

My first job was a sergeant in the Ministry of Defense and I worked for 14 years. In the final four years from my military services I got the BSC degree in General Psychology, then I trained for 6 months in Saudi Germany Hospital in order to get the psychotherapist assistant license. After that, I resigned from my job to complete my Graduate Studies.

In the beginning of 2015 I got a Scholarship, then me and my family traveled to the USA to improve our English as a second language, we lived in Wisconsin, Menomonie town for almost two years, that period was wonderful for us.

In the end of 2016 we went back to Saudi Arabia, my wife and I got the admissions from Tabuk University to study Masters in Clinical Psychology, at the time I also worked in the center of comprehensive rehabilitation as a psychotherapist and supervisor of the home care program.

My wife is the best supporter and colleague to me in psychological field; She works as a Clinical Senior Psychologist in the Hospital of King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah.

Now I'm a PhD student at the King Abdulaziz University at the Family and Marriage Psychology Program, and working in Mahgrabi Company as a Public Relations Supervisor. I’m also a Collaborator as a psychotherapist in two different society organizations. And I'm currently working as Family Counselor at the Ministry of Social Development.

I became a Certified Personal Medicine Coach to have the ability to assist anyone suffering from any challenges, also any ways that  I, myself could use these new methods to cope with any hardships I may face in the future.


كلمة باللغة العربية:

أود أن أفصح عن مدى سعادتي وإهتمامي بأن أكون أول مدرب سعودي ينضم إلى هذا الفريق الرائع كمدرب مرخص لممارسة العلاج الشخصي. لقد كانت رحلة شيقة في إكتشاف القوة والقدرة الحقيقة الكامنة في داخل كل فرد منا، وكيف يمكن إكتشافها من داخل ذواتنا وإعادة صياغتها بما يتناسب مع معايير العلاج الشخصي لتكون طريقنا للإستشفاء والتعافي وإيجاد حكمتنا الداخلية. بإنتهاء التدريب أيقنت أنينا جميعاً نسطيع مساعدنا أنفسنا من خلال العديد من الأمور فلم يعد إنتظار المساعدات الخارجية أو الإعتماد على العقاقير هو الحل الوحيد.

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