J. Andrew Garr, BSW,CPS,CPMC

Certified Peer Specialist

Milkweed Connections, LLC

Recovery Coach

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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Andrew brings his coaching skills and talents to those who are looking for support with Personal Medicine and self-empowerment. Andrew has a special interest in using Personal Medicine to support others in moving through personal challenges by taking back power and tapping into individual inner wisdom. He enjoys helping others connect to their authentic selves through offering support in creating healthy habits, self-awareness, and listening to one's own inner wisdom. He enjoys bringing fresh perspectives and creative ideas to help integrate Personal Medicine into everyday life. Andrew believes we all have innate wisdom that can be tapped into through using Personal Medicine that supports self-empowerment and highlights personal strengths for recovery. Compassionate and understanding, Andrew has a solid understanding of mental health/trauma/substance use recovery from his own lived experience and is a firm believer in the power of Personal Medicine.

Andrew brings a unique perspective to living with a mental health/substance abuse diagnosis and maintaining success. His understanding of self-esteem building and managing negative self-talk allows him to tell his own story and use it to help people know they are not alone and explore what Personal Medicine can offer. Having navigated the mental health system both professionally and personally, his experience allows a peer perspective in mentoring people through what can at times be very confusing situations and is a leader in disruptive innovation. Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and his dogs. He enjoys being outdoors engaged in activities, his favorites being canoeing or fishing. Personal Medicine has been a transformative enlightenment for Andrew, and he shares this remarkable exploration with others through nonjudgmental and supportive interaction. He strives to live his best life and radiate positivity to everyone he interacts with. He believes that you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously!


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