Jamie Easley

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CPMC - Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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My name is Jamie. I am a certified PRS and CPMC! I am a person with lived experience through the insides of correctional facilities as well with long term recovery. My journey in recovery started through a courtroom back on June 20, 2017. I was sentenced to three years after previously doing four years. During my time of incarceration, I entered into a program known as the Harp Program in the Chesterfield County Jail. Within this program, I was introduced to the PRS training and once I was released I got certified with the help of my current employer. I’m always looking for ways to better myself so that I may help others. I took on the CPMC class to gain knowledge of what it means to practice personal medicine and fell in love instantly! My passion is exercise and powerlifting. Never would I have known that this was indeed medicine if it wasn’t for this wonderful course! I’m truly honored to be a part of this powerful and growing field and can’t wait to help others finding their own Personal Medicine!


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