Jessica Dion

Operations Manager

Pat Deegan PhD & Associates, LLC

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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I've worked for Pat Deegan & Associates since 2012 helping to run the business side of things - bookkeeping, customer support, operations, and different projects here and there. But, no matter what your role is at PDA, there's no escape from learning about Personal Medicine and I'm grateful for that!

Although I don't have a background in the mental health field, counseling, peer support, etc., I was excited for the opportunity to become a CPMC. It means a lot to me to help others when I can and I had already been talking to friends and family about Personal Medicine for years.

To be able to learn more about the coaching approach to really help people further was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. It was eye-opening to realize how much more there was to learn not only about Personal Medicine but how to coach people in discovering their own.

Personal Medicine is powerful and everyone has it. I'm excited to help others discover theirs!


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