Jessica King, BSW

Peer Recovery Specialist

On Our Own, Roanoke Valley

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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Hello, my name is Jessica. I am a PRS with a BSW. I have worked for On Our Own for going on 3 years.

From my own life experience that I know that life can be hard. I have used my own experiences with substance and mental health issues to support others in their own journeys through recovery.

In my own beginning attempts at recovery, I often faced barriers to success because I was not listened to or advocated for. It wasn't until I met people truly interested in my wellbeing did my journey begin to become clear. With support in housing, finances and support groups, I was able to begin walking my own path. Which has lead to some amazing opportunities.

As a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, I am better able to support individuals in making their own plans for recovery.


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