Kate Bauer

Mental Health Recovery Worker

Bridges Health and Community Care

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I live in Bundaberg, Queensland, where I work as a Mental Health Recovery Worker. I was drawn to the Mental Health field as when I was 13 years old, I had a beautiful friend who was not coping and had commenced self-harming, by the way of superficial laceration. I felt extremely helpless and the only thing I thought would help was to inform a teacher. By informing a teacher, that my friend was struggling, our friendship ended as she believed this to be a betrayal of her trust. Skipping forward to our year 12 graduation, this old friend approached me and thanked me for reaching out for help, on her behalf. She told me that by doing this I helped to save her life. After this I knew that I wanted to work with people, to walk beside them on their journey of self-righting and discovery of insight, into their own mental health. I completed a bachelor in psychological science and I have now undertaken a post graduate degree in counselling.

I was drawn to Pat Deegan's training program as it allows me to offer a different perspective of "recovery" to clients who either do not wish to utilise medication or have previously had bad experiences when searching for assistance.

I have attached a photo of a flower within my Nana's Garden. I grew up on my Nana's farm and consider it to be my "happy place". I find it to be incredibly peaceful, relaxing and loving environment.


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