Keris Jän Myrick, M.B.A., M.S.

Co-Director: S2i

The Mental Health Strategic Impact Initiative

Board Member, Executive Committee

The National Association of Peer Supporters (N.A.P.S.)

Geek Therapeutics – Geek Culture Competency Holder

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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The personal stuff: So, I did this super public thing a few years back that people still ask me about to this day. They ask me why I let the NY times interview me about living with a mental health condition of schizophrenia. I did it for the same reason I decided to become a Certified Personal Medicine Coach – to reach even that one person that needs to know they are not alone, that things can get better and within ourselves there is the power of healing. It is very hard to be free under the gaze fixed on the imprisonment of our challenges, problems and even diagnosis when we do not know we individually hold the key to freedom and flourishing. Each of us has inner wisdom, our personal key(s) that once discovered, can be used to unlock our recovery journey. I am very honored to be a CPMC to walk alongside you on that journey of discovery of your personal medicine.

Who am I ?–I love my dog(s) all who have been named after famous writers – clearly, I also love to read. I am super creative and love tech- geek stuff and cosplay. I am serious, and sometimes shy but find utter joy in being with people and seeing them thrive. And I do have a healthy sense of humor and many people refer to me as “black girl magic or “magical unicorn” – I humbly accept but honestly confess I am a basic mortal human. Helping people of color and others who have suffered due to oppression of any kind is also my passion. The Professional Stuff: Please visit my LinkedIn page for the professional info or contact me directly if you would like to know more about my over 15 years of experience in mental health services innovations, transformation, peer workforce development and work in leveraging technology to aid in mental health recovery and wellbeing.


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