Kevin Pomoh Rooney

Experienced Mental Health Recovery Worker

Bridges Health Community and Care Bundaberg Queensland

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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Life has provided me with some amazing "highs" and some absolute "lows" what I am comfortable to say is that it is MY life. I have spent the last 7 years working in Recovery in some form or another ranging from support worker to Drug and Alcohol Counsellor to now Recovery Coach/Mental Health Worker. As I learned more about Personal Medicine I now know - we all have something that matters to us and we desire to live life on our terms and through everything we have been lead to believe there is a human inside all of us that wants more - humanity is about humans choosing to live their life and no one can be robbed of dreams. It's this shakedown of the business as usual that draws me to the "conspiracy of Hope." PERSONAL MEDICINE.


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