Kristin Neel, MMT, MT-BC.

Supervisor for the LTSR program

Step by Step, Inc.

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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Hey y'all! I am Kristin Neel, MMT, MT-BC. I have been with Step by Step, Inc. for just a few months now, and I am the Supervisor for the LTSR program. Much of my time prior has been spent providing care through counseling and Music Therapy to all ages from infancy to late adulthood, with diagnoses in both the medical and psychiatric realms.

Personal Medicine and Music Tx have many similarities, in that they draw from the skills that a person is naturally already capable of, but are still waiting to be tapped into. We are our greatest resource, and a non pharmaceutical intervention is accessible to anyone at both the high and low points of our lives. Despite being a huge supporter of self-care and supporting resiliency work in others, I do let my own needs go by the wayside (hello caregiver mentality!) and I've learned more about the application of Personal Medicine in my own life so that I can more fully understand and support it with those around me.


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