Latishia Crouche

SUD - Tech, R-CPRS

District 19 CSB

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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I am Latishia Crouche most people call me Tish.

I currently work at District 19 CSB as a SUD- Tech, R-CPRS. Degrees Credentials and Certifications: A.S Business Administration, A.S. Human Services, CSAC-A R-CPRS, TRS(C) ROES (C).

I don't believe in throw away people. My life mandate is for others to know they are deserving of peace, joy, love, contentment and to be free from suffering. Nobody should go to bed feeling "Why I'm not good enough".

Personal Medicine Coaching is knowledge not for me to keep but to give away as favor to share with any and all others. For whatever reason, my Higher Power put me on this path and he makes no mistakes.

"Those that care make an effort, those that don't make excuses". This is my effort.


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