Laura Stanley

Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist

South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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I am a person in long term recovery from substance abuse and mental health challenges, as well as a survivor of childhood trauma.

I was called to be a Certified Personal Medicine Coach because as I was making my way through life, I always found myself wanting more. Not exactly knowing what "more" was, I set out on a journey of self-exploration. What I found was my calling in peer support work. I embraced the uncertainty of a life change in a new career. I have always found comfort in the known. It is when I stepped outside of my comfort level that personal growth began. I feel every bit of pain and trauma I went through was so that I can help others get to the other side of that pain. I stayed stuck in the muck for far too long myself. I wish to expand on the knowledge I have in order to support others to navigate through their own personal journey of recovery. I hope to change the idea that a diagnosis directs life outcomes.


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