Leeann Allagas, MA

Registered Art Therapist

Resident in Counseling

Director of Therapeutic Services

Anchored In Faith Together, Inc. (AIFT)

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

Contact Me

My name is Leeann Allagas! I'm a Registered Art Therapist awaiting Board Certification at this time, a Resident in Counseling, and I have been working as Director of Therapeutic Services at Anchored In Faith Together, Inc. (AIFT) since November, 2018.

Person-centered therapy has been my favorite, so far, within the world of counseling as it helps you to meet someone where they are, not where you think they "should be."

Personal Medicine seems to have a similar approach to a much larger demographic, which I enjoy because helping someone in the moment, doesn't have to be in an office with a therapist. Helping someone advocate for themselves and find examples in the real world of success is so much more impactful in the here and now!


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