Lei Portugal Calloway

Graduate of the School-of-Hard-Knocks

Lifetime Student of Resiliency & Recovery

Peer Team Lead

Telecare AOT

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

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My superpower comes from having made the choices I made and learning from them (sometimes quickly, more often slowly). I was blessed with a loving, forgiving and patient family who never gave up on me. And I had some very powerful role models who taught, inspired and helped motivate me to become who I am today. Knowledge and self-awareness are key, I believe. And always, a willingness to learn and grow. This is my story. And these are the things I bring with me, when working with the people I work with. Clients (known as members at Telecare) and their families. Community Partners. And the awesome Peers and staff I work side-by-side with. I became a CPMC so that I can share everything I know and everything I am. My recovery blends with the recovery of others and becomes one journey.


615 West Civic Center Drive, Suite 200 Santa Ana, CA 92701

714-795-3444 Office Line, ext. 137

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