Lion Gai Meir - ליון גאי

Head of Lived Experience Department

Enosh, The Israeli Mental Health Association

Certified Personal Medicine Coach 

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I worked as a peer supporters coach for 5 years. I was the manager of the first peer support program in my country that took place in a psychiatric hospital. I started my professional career mental health as a lecturer in the field of dissociation and recovery from trauma. From my life experience.

I'm the mother of 3 cats and saluki dog :) 36 years old, live in the north of Israel.

I'm building the peer force in Enosh Organization, we had great workshop with Pat Deegan in December 2019, so I wanted to learn this precious idea of supporting people in how to help themselves!

I feel this is the time in Israel to move on the wave in the peer's field. I am working on a program runs by peers. I was started raising money for more peers from Enosh will do this course but the corona stop it all :(

I was very happy that I could come in spite of the world crisis.

I am optimistic I believe corona help Israel to understand mental health and human connection is above all!!

And if not now.. then tomorrow.. if not tomorrow then the day after we will bring Personal Medicine to Israel in Hebrew :)


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