Liz Downing-Moran

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology & Welfare Studies

Bridges Health & Community Care Program Lead - Rockhampton

Certified Personal Medicine Coach

Contact Me Phone au 0428 483 718

I loved learning about Personal Medicine, the gentleness of the process, the way in which it allows you to walk a journey alongside a person. Giving each person the time and space, they need to find the healer within, tapping into their inner wisdom to find the answer. Seeing the joy on their face when they realize that they hold the key to their challenges within, and they can use their Personal Medicine to assist them with any challenge they may face – Pure Joy!!!

My name is Liz and I am a Certified Personal Medicine Coach! If you would like someone to walk alongside you to find strength and resilience and unlock your inner wisdom please contact me and we can begin your journey.


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