Maria Corazon Aguirre Johnson

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Director of Staff Development

Seal Beach Health and Rehabilitation

Certified Personal Medicine Coach


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My name is Maria Johnson, I live in Southern California. I’m blessed with two children a boy whose in 2nd year college and a girl whose in 8th grade junior high school. Just recently celebrated our 22 wedding anniversary.

The past 23 years I have been working as a License Vocational nurse. Currently working as DSD/ ICP in a Geriatrics Community. Recently I was given a new opportunity to work with our community experiencing Mental Health challenges. I became a CPMC to empower our community to live their best life and to see our residents to do the things what matters to them the most. 

We were faced with Crisis 3 months ago due to this Pandemic, I am hoping to finish the course so I can give back to our community.

My Personal Medicine is I love to spend time with my family, I like to ready, walk , and listening to Contemporary Christian music.


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